Stanley is a PenCraft Award® Recipient!

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For Immediate Release: 11.07.2023
For More Information Contact: Chris Harden, 813-468-7183 

The PenCraft Awards® has named “Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole” among their 2023 Best in Children's Preschool Books for Literary Excellence!  



Candy Cane Wormhole, LLC is honored to announce that “Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole”, our hit Children’s Book has earned the prestigious PenCraft Award®, listing it among their 2023 Best in Children's Preschool Books for Literary Excellence! 


Full Release:

Oviedo, FL. The PenCraft Awards® has named “Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole” among their 2023 Best in Children's Preschool Books for Literary Excellence! 

"We are delighted to receive the PenCraft Award Seal of Approval,” says Founder Chris Harden. “We send our heartfelt thanks to the PenCraft award team members which are friendly to small press like us and drive a level of rigor and quality in their assessment." 

David Hearne, Editor in Chief of the PenCraft Awards explains the award this way: “We want our PenCraft Book Awards to represent true book winners, and your book was indeed one that met that criteria. Books that win our competition are not only examples of literary excellence but also have demonstrated a notable popularity with readers.

This year the competition was daunting, with over 1100 book entries to compete against. Being a winner in the 2023 competition is certainly something to crow about – you beat out many contenders. 

To select our winners, the many PenCraft Award submissions are culled down by using a judging criterion that incorporates a recommendation from the initial AuthorsReader's reviewer or PenCraft Book Award reviewer and then finalized by further evaluation by our judges. Their final evaluation considers not only how well the book was written and crafted but also things such as the book's marketplace popularity and how professional the book's cover looks. The promotional effort taken by the publisher or author is another yardstick considered. From this entire process, the winners of each category are determined.”


About Candy Cane Wormhole, LLC Candy Cane Wormhole, LLC is the maker of the popular “Find Stanley! The Christmas Treasurehunt Game” and “Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole” children’s book. Its books and games are known for modernizing Christmas, while bring STEM, MESH, and Inclusion to the holiday’s folklore and tradition. The Founder is Chris Harden from Oviedo, also known for his Shark Tank success as co-creator of TROBO The Storytelling Robot which won numerous awards.


The company’s website at contains additional information. Information about “Find Stanley The Christmas Treasurehunt Game” and “Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole” where to purchase them can be found at


About the PenCraft Awards® The PenCraft Book Awards’ Competition is an annual event with the purpose to help foster the promotion of new authors and books to the reading public. Monetary awards are given to the top three winning authors. The PenCraft Book Award Dinner and Ceremony is a celebration of the literary excellence of the previous years' winning authors. The event is held at different locations each year.


PenCraft Book Awards was founded in 2016. Many book contests require that you are published only by certain publishers, or that you belong to specific organizations. The PenCraft Book Award competition doesn’t have those unfriendly and restrictive requirements. The contest is an equal opportunity competition.


Learn more about the PenCraft Awards by visiting their website:


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