Year 3 Letter from a Wormhole Family!

Year 3 Letter from a Wormhole Family!

Below is a delightful letter we received from Ruha Alford the mom of a family who has been a part of Stanley's wormhole family for 3 years now.  This is the kind of joy we hope more families experience year after year. ❤️ Please take a moment to see the adorable letter written by the 7 year old in the photos below!

Ruha and her kiddos used chocolate bars, gummy bears, sugar and a  delicious-looking orange bite sitting on top of the wormhole.  Do you know?  Well either way we LOOOOOVE creative Wormhole Engineering.  The mom in this family is an Engineer by the way, and she's an advocate for Engineering as a career!   We're celebrating their creativity on their wormholes with discount code WORMHOLEENGINEERS - use this to get 50% off your order before the 20th of Dec.


"Merry Christmas!

This year we used our Halloween candy in our wormholes (and our 4yo made her first one). Sadly we had already eaten all the pop rocks and dip 'em stick candy, so we found some sugar packets and poured those on.

I came back a couple of hours later and found that the 7yo had added some notes to the wormholes, which adorably give Stanley or any other snow squirrels permission to touch them (but nobody else).

As soon as the Christmas decorations came out, the girls were eagerly asking for a scavenger hunt and to make their wormholes.

I added some pictures to that same album I shared in 2021. So happy to hear about the awards your project has received! Those three Stanley squirrels I ordered back in October will show up in the wormholes for Christmas and I can't wait to see the girls' faces.





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