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Chris Harden, author and illustrator of Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole will join you at your convenience to discuss any of the following topics:

  • His Shark Tank experience with TROBO the Storytelling Robot 
  • His journey as a new toy & game developer, with "Find Stanley! The Christmas Treasure Hunt Game!" being the latest  
  • Book Development, Writing, and Illustration with one of his many books, "Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole" being the latest.  His writing interests and publications span from children's books to comic books, to entrepreneurship.
  • His rich history in video game development, comic book illustration, etc.

Value for You and Your Subscribers

  • Shopify discount codes on "Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole" and "Find Stanley" can be made for your show, and affiliate links can lead to both products on Amazon.
  • Free raffle copies of "Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole" or other books from Chris can be offered as a way to promote your audience's attendance for live shows.
  • Media kits with product info, photos, playthrough video links, and interview headshots are cheerfully sent upon request
  • Product samples are delightfully sent to any bloggers, testers, casters, etc... seeking this Christmas changing product and or book. 

Chris's Interview and Podcast History

Chris or his products have been covered in national magazines.  Below are some of the institutions who have had Chris or his products on their podcasts, on TV shows, or in articles.


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