Find Stanley For Stores


Helping You Sell: In-Store Treasure Hunts

Give something special to your customers during November's National Toy Store Month with an in-store treasure hunt.  Download "Find Stanley for Stores" completely free below!  Chris can help you tailor your game for your store as well  Here is an overview video:


@chrisaharden Find Stanley for Stores! Completely free for you to download and run a treasure hunt in your store! @ASTRA #ntsm ♬ original sound - Chris Harden




Wholesale Orders

Give the gift of early access to "Find Stanley" to your customers this year! Contact us for the wholesale pricing page.

Meet the Creator

If you have a store in the Orlando area and you want to have Chris come to meet your customers, do signings, setup your in-store hunt, etc., contact him at 813-468-7183 or use our Contact page