Lost 'n Found

Did you receive a lost item in the mail from Stanley and our Science Elves? Oops! We're super sorry about that! We're bringing up our Candy Cane Wormholes and snow squirrels and filling our warehouses for delivering Santa's gifts this year.  Those wormholes are still experimental, and they can go WONKY at times, pulling things through the wrong way!  Those wormholes are how this whole new Christmas tradition started.

Orlando Creator - Chris Harden

The letter is our silly way to share with you this new Christmas Treasure Hunt game called "Find Stanley" based on the book "Stanley & the Candy Cane Wormhole".  These Kickstarter hits were created by Orlando resident, Chris Harden (co-created TROBO as seen on Shark Tank). See how Find Stanley works with the video below, and see the Toy and Bookstore pricing listed after that. 

Wholesale Orders

Give the gift of early access to "Find Stanley" to your customers this year! Read this for risk free, low MOQ wholesale orders!  

Helping You Sell: In-Store Treasure Hunts

Give something special to your customers during November's National Toy Store Month, with an in-store treasure hunt.  Download "Find Stanley for Stores" completely free below!



Helping You Sell: Meet the Creator

If you have a store in the Orlando area and you want to have Chris come to meet your customers, do signings, setup your in-store hunt, etc., contact him at 813-468-7183 or use our Contact page